Arm Theraband Exercises: Standing - Spanish

An Armband Exercise for a Breast Lift

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  • My name is Robert Weeks, I'm a mixed martial artist and personal fitness trainer. Today, I'm at Main Event Sports Club, I'm gonna be showing you armband exercises for breast lift. Okay guys, what you're gonna do here is you're gonna take your power band or your armband and you're gonna make sure that depending on the size of your band you're gonna either put your foot on the end of the power band or the middle of the power band. In this case I'm gonna be putting my foot in the middle of the power band. What I'm gonna be doing here is gonna be a simple arm raise. The reason why I'm doing this is this is gonna create lift on my pectoral muscle and it's gonna help create that look of a definitive definition underneath the nipple going into my ribcage. When doing it properly you're gonna want to stand direct and you're gonna want to make sure your knees are just slightly bent with your back firmly straight. I'm gonna extend my arm in a complete 90 degree motion and I'm gonna allow myself proper time to bring the weight back down so that the weight doesn't snap back and hit me in the leg or I lose control of the band all,all together and it's flying off in a direction. And those are some arm band exercises for breast lift. See you next time guys.

    An armband exercise for a breast lift is something you can do in conjunction with other types of exercises for increased efficiency. Find out about a great armband exercise for a breast lift with help from an expert with an extensive background in Mixed Martial Arts in this free video clip.

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