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TheraBand Professional Non-Latex Resistance Bands For Rehabilitation, Portable Fitness and Workout, Home Exercise, Yellow & Red & Green, Beginner Set

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  • The Thera-Band Latex Exercise Band Pack is a great value and a great way to excercise anywhere. I keep some in my desk drawer at work and take them out when I need to destress for a few minutes, I pack a few in my suitcase when I travel so there can be no excuse for me not excercising, and I always keep a few near the television set that way I can work out while still having down time. These bands are so vertile there are really hundreds of ways to use them, stretching them with both arms, an arm and a foot, tied to a door knob (on a closed door, of course!), and many other options. They are great for working on almost every part of your body and can provide a cheap, easy solution to fitness.

    The Thera-Band Latex Exercise Band Pack is a great and inexpensive way to exercise your entire body. I actually have three sets. I keep one in my overnight bag, one at my office and one in my car. That gives me the flexibility to do a few exercises when the opportunity presents itself - like 10 mintues at lunch, in an airport or wherever. You want to start with the least resistant and thinnest band and work your way up to the most resistant and thicker band. Every physical therapist I have ever been under the care of uses similar bands of different strengths to stretch and strengthen various parts of the body. You literally can tone and rehabilitate every part of your body with these bands. The three band kit comes with instructions on a variety of exercises for all parts of your body. One warning: If you are having a painful problem in a specific area you should get a professional opinion as to which exercises will improve your problem and not cause further injury.

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