How to Exercise With Stretch Bands - Woman

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SUPER EXERCISE BAND® Heavy PURPLE Resistance Band. Your Home Gym Fitness Equipment Kit for Strength Training, Physical Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, Chair Workout | LATEX FREE For ALLERGIC SAFETY | 7 ft

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  • TAG : Beginners: Perform each exercise for 1 set of about 12-16 reps
  • Just like all of us, your customers and employees need to strengthen their bodies; help them take the first step toward regular exercise. Personalize your Exercise Stretch Bands at QLP right now and see how far your advertising potential can stretch!

    These flexible stretch bands work the biceps on-the-go, which is so much easier than carting around dumbbells or heavy weights. They're made of a stretchable latex material with EVA foam handles. Your custom logo will be printed in the center of the workout device so your customers will always know who wants them to boost health! When exercising time is over, Exercise Stretch Bands are compact enough to store in a zippered backpack, a , or a locker.

Printable 20-Minute Resistance Band Workout | SparkPeople