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The Gray Cook Exercise Band is an all purpose resistance band than can be used for chops, lifts, presses, PNF patterns and more.

Sport2People Exercise Bands Loop Set (5 Piece)

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  • As a frequent traveler, I dread tracking down unfamiliar gyms. As an alternative, I was thrilled to run across this product. Everything you need to get a quality workout in the privacy of your own hotel room (or at home, for that matter) is packaged together in a handy, sturdy pouch. I have purchased many exercise bands, and the quality of these bands along with the extra long length and different resistances, make this portable gym more than worth the price for the bands alone. The jump rope/door hanger is so effective I wonder why I didn’t think of anchoring my bands that way before. I have already worked out a regular routine with this equipment – with the ease of portability, I have no excuses!

    Our Guarantee: We believe you’ll love the Super Exercise Band® gym so much that we offer a manufacturer unconditional, lifetime, money back guarantee. So, take charge of your work-out, set goals, and commit to a routine of improved fitness. Get your Super Exercise Band Portable Gym today.

  • The Super Exercise Band gym is the clean, easy, and ready-to-go solution to your work-out needs. Your kit arrives at your doorstep clean and crisp in an environmentally responsible way. Your purchase also gives you access to the SuperExerciseBand® com website where you can find product demos and workout videos to help you create your work-out.

    Think you need a pile of weights to get in shape? Snap out of it and grab an exercise band instead. This portable piece of equipment may be even more effective than a set of dumbbells, because it improves strength and balance. Plus, “you work in a full range of motion, so it targets muscles that you can miss with weights,” says Lawson Harris, creator of this routine and owner of the Lab, a fitness studio in Brooklyn. Try these moves three times a week.

    REP Band® Resistive Exercise Bands
    Offering five levels of progressive resistance, REP Band® Resistive Exercise Bands make it easy for each individual user to begin at the appropriate level of resistance and progressively increase the intensity of the exercise by increasing the resistance level of the REP Band® Exercise Band.

    There are numerous resistive exercises
    that can be done with REP Band® Resistive
    Exercise Bands. Some examples are
    shown below:
      Unlike other resistive exercise bands on the market, REP Band® is latex-free, meaning it poses no danger to patients or caregivers who suffer from latex allergies. REP Band® Exercise Bands exhibit the same performance characteristics as latex without the potentially negative effects of latex. REP Band® also is powder-free and odor-free, another characteristic that distinguishes it from traditional latex bands.

    REP Band® Resistive Exercise Tubes
    The First Non-Latex Exercise Tubing
    Like REP Band® Resistive Exercise Bands, REP Band® Resistive Exercise Tubing is latex-free, odor-free, and powder free. The same benefits for resistive exercise are attainable with the same five levels of resistance for customizing a resistance exercise program.

    Five levels of progressive resistance.
    No latex. No powder. No odor.

    Available in 25-ft/7.5m and 100-ft/30m
    dispenser boxes.

    Click here to download the Rep Band® Resistance Chart

    Click here to learn how to use REP Band tubing with a Thera-Loop™ Door Anchor

    Not all exercise bands are going to have handles on each end. Use exercise bands without handles with help from a certified Pilates instructor in this free video clip.

Whole-body Exercise Band Workout

What Are The Benefits of Using Exercise Bands?
The biggest advantages of using exercise bands are price and portability. For under $20, you have the perfect portable piece of exercise equipment to train virtually anywhere! Another great advantage of using exercise bands is to use them for stretching purposes. If you just want to loosen up in the morning before heading off to work, take the bands and do a few simple exercises to stretch out your shoulders, chest and back. The elasticity of the bands allow for a great range of movement when performing different exercises. If your goal is to get a full body workout, then you can easily combine a few different exercises into your workout to hit all of the major muscle groups and really feel the resistance as you power through each exercise.