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Sport2People Exercise Bands Loop Set (5 Piece)

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  • When you exercise with rubber resistance bands, you work with the horizontal and vertical planes, providing the advantage of functional movement, according to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Center for Sports Medicine director of sports performance training, Ron DeAngelo. Movement on both planes reduces the force of gravity and maintains continued resistance for the duration of the exercise. Working with resistance bands allows you to isolate specific muscles or to work with multiple muscle groups, depending upon your needs. Resistance bands are inexpensive, travel anywhere you go and are safer to use than free weights. You can buy the bands pre-cut or in rolls and cut them to the length you want, tie them in a circle for exercises best performed with a loop or wrap them around a body part to keep them in place.

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  • You can create your exercise rubber bands yourself at home, although the cost of it might be greater than the cost of those you can buy from the market. Nevertheless, it is a good experience to create your own bands. If you have not done the task before, it is better to search about it, to know about the material and steps needed to create bands. You can personalise these bands with your own signatures. You will just need to make sure that the bands fulfill the basic specifications.

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