CanDo® Green Exercise Band Loops

Medium Resistance Green CanDo Exercise Band Loops in 3 sizes for upper, lower and full-body toning-the perfect choice to upgrade your exercise routine.

Starwood Sports Exercise Resistance Loop Bands - Set of 4

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  • CanDo® Green Exercise Band Loops are made from the same high-quality natural latex that you find in the CanDo® flat exercise bands. Because they are already pre-formed into loops, you do not have to tie a band before you do your exercises. The length represents the loop when it is flat, so the total band length is actually twice the flat length. The 10-inch loop gives you 20 inches of total band, the 15-inch loop has 30 inches of total band, and the 30-inch loop has 60 inches (that’s 5 feet, folks) of total band length.

    CanDo® Green Exercise Band Loops are available in small, medium and large sized loops, individually and in a set of 3 (one of each size) to give you a total-body resistance workout.

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