2 Foam Handles For Resistance Exercise Bands Tubes P90X

All-Purpose Exercise Bands are (2) 56" heavy-duty bands connected to a 10" loop.

Kinzi Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart & Resistance Band Carrying Case

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  • Our athletes and exercise resistance bands inspire assisted body weight training and dynamic functional fitness. As catalysts of the calisthenics street workout movement, we build strength, stamina, stability, and flexibility.

    Making the world stronger since 2009. Rubberbanditz is a quadruple bottom line (people, planet, profit, power) resistance band innovation company based in Los Angeles. We are to exercise bands what a DJ is to records. Join the RUBBERLUTION today.

  • Start with our current top sellers; pain relieving gel, exercising bands, hot and cold packs, and exercise balls and bands.

    I did a little research on what happened to Harry Reid’s eye and he is claiming that he got hurt by one of those exercise band things. You know those exercise bands? Those rubber things where you can do exercises with? I can understand that accidents can happen with those rubber exercise bands but those things are pretty harmless really. A rubber exercise band can hit someone in the face and hit you in the eye but the injuries won’t be that serious. It may hurt a little but not that much. I don’t see how a rubber exercise band can cause someone to have his or her eye to get close shut, have bruises on their face and have broken ribs. You really think a rubber exercise band can do all that?

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  • New Exercise Bands (click here)
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    There a few drawbacks to using band exercises that you should keep in mind. Firstly, the resistance becomes greater as you move forward into your motions, or in other words the resistance level is not stable throughout an exercise. As you near the end of a motion you'll reach the point where the resistance is greatest, which is not a terrible thing but is not ideal either as your muscles are not necessarily strongest at that point.

    Secondly, it is difficult to estimate the resistance levels produced by the various tubes or bands. This means it'll be harder for you to chart down your strengthening progress.

    Finally, you should remember that exercise bands are particularly vulnerable to wear and tear and as a result you should make sure before using them that there aren't any visible tears in them, however small they may be.

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What Are The Benefits of Using Exercise Bands?
The biggest advantages of using exercise bands are price and portability. For under $20, you have the perfect portable piece of exercise equipment to train virtually anywhere! Another great advantage of using exercise bands is to use them for stretching purposes. If you just want to loosen up in the morning before heading off to work, take the bands and do a few simple exercises to stretch out your shoulders, chest and back. The elasticity of the bands allow for a great range of movement when performing different exercises. If your goal is to get a full body workout, then you can easily combine a few different exercises into your workout to hit all of the major muscle groups and really feel the resistance as you power through each exercise.