Mini Exercise Bands are 9" L x 2" W

Mini Exercise Bands are 9

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise 5 Bands with Instructional Booklet ,Carry Bag, eBook and Online Videos

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  • Professional Mini Exercise Bands are ideal for physical therapy rehabilitation (rehab bands), weight loss, pilates and stretching, muscle toning and strengthening. Target areas such as your glutes, thighs and shoulders. Benefits - Durability-Professional-grade fitness bands are built to last and maintain their elasticity over many years of training. - Quality- Professional grade all stretch bands are high quality - Size-All resistance bands are 9" by 2" long. - Multi-Functional Body Bands-Can be used as ankle resistance bands, knees resistance bands, legs resistance bands, thighs and wrists. - Professional Physical Therapy Equipment Bands-Helps in recovery from torn MCL, torn ACL, knee replacement, patella and meniscus rehab. - Versatile Workouts-Loop bands can be used for strength, coordination and balance: isometrics exercises, monster walks, lateral walks, goblet squats, etc. - Light and Compact to Travel-The perfect solution when you want to exercise on the go. Get an intensive exercise in your hotel room, office or anywhere you go. - Cost Effective- Just switch to a higher resistance or combine a few loop bands together for an added degree of difficulty

    The D8 mini exercise budget bands feature durable rubber latex. The loops are color-coded by resistance level, so it’s easy to find the right band for the job. When your body is ready, you can easily move up to the next resistance level.

  • This Mini Exercise Band Set includes 4 bands. The exercise band is ideal for strength training, conditioning, and rehabilitation exercises. Our budget set of D8 Fitness Mini Exercise Bands is great for use at home, in the field, or at a private or public gym. Take full advantage of the benefits of using exercise bands without breaking your budget.
    Mini Exercise Bands have many different applications. Use them to increase balance, build strength, improve flexibility and more! Advanced exercisers can use them for integrated strength and conditioning training. Beginners or those recovering from an injury or surgery will find them useful during the rehabilitation process.

    Mini Exercise Bands come in sets of 4 and sets of 10, the 4 different colors refelect the following resistances; Yellow is light resistance, green is medium resistance, Blue is Heavy resistance and Black is Extra-Heavy resistance. Exercisers can choose between different resistance levels that will best suit their workout. They can be easily carried around. You can use them at home, at work or during travel.

10 mini band moves to build your butt.