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Exercise Bands - Premium Set of 6 Fitness Resistance Loop Bands 12"x 2" plus E-book Workout Manual

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  • A good choice of resistance bands is Top Rated Exercise Resistance Bands. They are thick and durable. They can provide a quality workout similar to those obtained with free weight and machines. They can provide cardio workouts, upper and lower body workouts as well as core training. This exercise relieves stress on your joints, strengths and tones muscles.

    Resistance bands are an important part of any home exercise program. These versatile tools in your fitness arsenal can help you a number of strength training routines from any area of your home. The affordable, easily accessible, band of latex can help build muscles, increase flexibility, and allow you to focus tension and body parts, without taking up any space. Top Rated Exercise Resistance Bands offer you the right high quality bands which allow you to achieve a better workout¬- anywhere, anytime.
    Resistance bands are simply stretchy plastic. To use them in an exercise, you pull and stretch the plastic and the resistance of the band provides the workout. Top Rated Exercise Resistance Bands come in a few different varieties. A common type in tube bands with handles in either end. They also come in loops, like giant rubber bands. A type commonly used for physical therapy is a similar to a stretchy latex cloth. There are three main options to consider:
    Tube: tube bands are a variety which are shaped like tube. Ranging from 4 to 5 feet in length. They designed primarily upper-body works out.
    Flat: flat bands are merely flat strips of colorful elastic that are around four feet long. Used primarily lower-body works out. They are seen most often in dance, gymnastic and physical therapy.
    Loop: loop bands used mainly on the lower-body. They are usually flat bands and attached in such a way that create a full “loop.” Their design makes it easier for one to wrap them around his or her ankles, or mid calves, making them the go-to band for runners and bikers.

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