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Sport2People Exercise Bands Loop Set (5 Piece)

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  • Do you have a student who is having a hard time focusing or staying seated? Place these exercise bands around the bottom of two front chair legs. Your student can kick against the band to get a gross motor workout, without disturbing your class. So discreet, almost no one will notice your special student's legs moving!

    Use this band to help students who need to fidget to focus.

    It can help kids who have restless or bouncing legs. Use these in the winter to provide lots of movement opportunities, when going outside is not an option. Now your students have a quiet, non-distracting way to sit and wiggle.

    This simple strategy has been recommended by Occupational Therapists for years. They can be used in Moderate/Severe classrooms by multiple students. Use them in general education settings to help inclusion students with autism or ADHD. They are an inexpensive focus tool for home use too! Use them to help your child focus during homework, or to stay seated during a meal!

    Reehut Single Exercise bands are made of high quality natural latex. These bands are ideal for
    physical therapy, exercise, weight loss, muscle toning, muscle strengthening and fitness.
    These single exercise bands include two Foam Handles, one Door Anchor, a Carrying Bag and a
    Manual Book.

  • Thera-Band exercise bands can increase range-of-motion during strength training and grow in resistance as the user increases their strength level through repeated training.
    The versatility of these exercise resistance bands allows you to cut them to the appropriate length so you can use them for arm exercises, such as tricep kick-backs, or cut longer to perform leg exercises like lateral leg lifts.
    Thera-Band exercise bands are some of the most affordable exercise equipment you can add to your fitness classes. Individuals may also want to try Thera-Band tubing that is pre-cut for convenient resistance training on the go! Exercise bands allow you to continue your strength training even when there is no gym available so you can continue to enjoy the benefits when you travel or go on vacation. The benefits of maintaining your resistance training include improving circulation, pulling rarely used muscles into your workout, and increasing strength.
    No other exercise equipment provides such a broad range of benefits for such a small investment. It is no wonder Thera-Band exercise bands are such a popular choice at Power Systems!

    Gym Quality Resistance Bands with Premium D-handles – Perfect for any Home Fitness Training Program. With the guaranteed highest quality professional grade workout material, DynaPro® brings the top choice in exercise bands for personal trainers to your door. These exercise bands are a great way to work the entire body in a short amount of time and can be of benefit to all fitness levels.

  • These workout bands are almost a necessary item if you are using the routine. We suggest getting the Super Band kit or if you are serious about getting in shape, then get the Complete Kit for all your needs. Even if you don't know how to use these exercise bands they are demonstrated throughout the videos.

Exercise Bands: Great for Fidgety Legs | Sensory & OT

Resistance bands are also light and require little maintenance. Because of these bands being light weight, you can easily travel with them, taking your workout wherever you go. These exercise bands are also good for anyone who doesn't have dumbbells or find dumbbells hard to use. Each workout routine will show the proper way of using these resistance bands. Be sure you have a large variety of band 'weights' to choose from. Some exercises require a 'heavier' weighted band to maximize the effect of the workout.